100 Club

"Frome's Carnival, Frome's charity - How can you help?"

What is the 100 Club

The 100 club is a form of private society lottery. Participants “buy” a numbered ticket – 100 tickets forming the 100 club – which goes into a monthly draw. A percentage of the profit made from the club is given out as a prize every month and the remainder goes towards helping to put the Carnival on.

The two winners are blind drawn at random every month at Frome Carnival’s Committee Meeting.

How much can i win?

There is an opportunity to win a cash prize every month. First prize is £30 and Second prize is £20.

How much does it cost?

It costs £24 for the year, equivalent to £2 per month. You can pay monthly, six monthly or annually.

How do i join?

Contact Frome Carnival, 100 Club . Please provide your name and contact details and let us know you are interested in joining. Please do not send money or bank details until we have spoken to you directly.

When can i join?

Our 100 club starts each March but we will continue to sell tickets throughout the year if there are spaces left in the club. There are a maximum of 100 tickets available each year.