Carnival Sellers and Vendors

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Carnival Sellers

Prior to 2017 all light up and flashing toys were sold by peddlers, who were not affiliated with the Carnival. This meant that we did not receive any money from these sales.

Our 2017 procession saw us try out selling our own light up toys for the first time – and thanks to the support of the wonderful Frome community, this was a huge success. In 2018, we want to build on this: selling a greater variety of items and more of them! Achieving this will mean a significant increase to our profits and in turn, more money being passed to the Frome Carnival Charity.

This will only be possible with the support of people like you. We need volunteers to join our fabulous team of Carnival Sellers: you’ll need to be physically fit and able to walk the route, alongside having good interpersonal skills. A key to our sales is engaging with the crowd and being enthusiastic throughout.

If you’re interested in being a Carnival Seller click here.

Carnival Vendors

Frome Carnival attracts large crowds and they get hungry! Mobile food traders are therefore a key part of Carnival day.

We have spaces for 6 mobile food traders – so we urge you to register your interest as early as possible. In 2018, we hope to offer these spaces through a ‘silent auction’ process where all businesses will be asked to submit a bid – with the highest 6 being offered a vending position.

To be considered for one of these spaces, please be aware that:

  • Vendors will all operate under Mendip District Council Street Trading Consent exemptions / Licensing Street Trading Policy Version 5, Paragraph 10.
  • You must have registered with your local authority as a food business.
  • You must comply with current health and safety requirements and food safety regulations.
  • Mobile food traders MUST arrive and set up before 14:00 or between 16:30 and 18:00.
  • You must complete the mobile food trader check list.

On the day of the Carnival, all traders will be checked by the Chief or a Lead Marshall to ensure that they have met the requirements of the check list. Any vendor found to not meet the requirements, will not be allowed to trade.

If you’re an interested Vender, please complete the form below.