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"Frome's Carnival, Frome's charity - How can you help?"

You can get involved and support your Carnival.

“We have opportunities to get involved throughout the year, we’d love to hear from you!”

Do you want to get involved with the Carnival? We have a number of different volunteer opportunities available – to register your interest in any of the following roles, please complete the form below.



Our marshals are a critical part of Carnival – quite simply, without enough marshals, the event will be cancelled.
Marshals ensure the processions are safe for both the participants and the crowds watching. Their role involves staffing the road closures: ensuring traffic does not enter the procession route, helping drivers find alternative routes and allowing access for emergency vehicles.

We need marshals for both the afternoon and evening processions – you’re welcome to do one or both! All marshals go out in pairs and will be provided with a radio (and instructions as to how to work it), and a hi-vis tabard. We’ll provide refreshments and a briefing before you start.

No experience is necessary as on the day training will be given. We do advise you wear warm clothing and have wet weather gear with you!

For more information, please read the ‘Marshal’s Handbook’. We also advise familiarising yourself with the ‘How To Use a Radio’ instruction sheet and the route ‘maps’.

Traffic Management:

Who puts out the road signs? Who collects them? Where do the road cones come from?

Frome Carnival Committee are responsible for closing off the roads, putting up the correct signs and opening the roads back up as part of the Carnival. To achieve this, we rely on a small team of volunteers. Some signs need to be up four weeks before Carnival day, and others go up on the day – it’s a very important job and carries a lot of responsibility.

We don’t expect one person to do it all – many hands do make light work! We’re also grateful for offers of driving help: we need vans and trailers to transport the signs.

Frome Carnival Sellers:

Prior to 2017 all light up and flashing toys were sold by peddlers, who were not affiliated with the Carnival. This meant that we did not receive any money from these sales.

Our 2017 procession saw us try out selling our own light up toys for the first time – and thanks to the support of the wonderful Frome community, this was a huge success. In 2018, we want to build on this: selling a greater variety of items and more of them! Achieving this will mean a significant increase to our profits and in turn, more money being passed to the Frome Carnival Charity.

This will only be possible with the support of people like you. We need volunteers to join our fabulous team of Carnival Sellers: you’ll need to be physically fit and able to walk the route, alongside having good interpersonal skills. A key to our sales is engaging with the crowd and being enthusiastic throughout.


Stewards have an important role in keeping the crowds safe and ensuring everyone has a good experience. Located in pairs along the route, stewards ensure no one watching gets too close to the parade, answer questions and help ensure the safety of any lost children or vulnerable adults. One of the wonderful things about being a steward is that you can help us and still watch the carnival as you will be located along the carnival route.

Like the role of marshal, we do need stewards for both the afternoon and evening processions – but it’s up to you which you do, or whether you do both! Every steward will be given a hi-vis tabard and a full briefing before the event. Some stewards will also be asked to have a radio to maintain contact with silver control. Refreshments will be supplied during the day.

No experience is necessary and on the day training is provided. We do advise that you wear warm clothing and have wet weather gear with you just in case!

For more information, please read the ‘Marshal’s Handbook’. We also advise familiarising yourself with the ‘how to use a radio’ instruction sheet and the route ‘maps’.

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