"Frome's Carnival, Frome's charity - How can you help?"

Frome Carnival Charity Association

“Raising money for local good causes for over 88 years”

One of the reasons that Frome Carnival is so special is that we are a registered charity, supporting individuals, organisations and good causes in the local area.
Our fundraising events throughout the year allow us to put on the carnival – which can cost many thousands of pounds. Once we’ve paid for that, any extra money – and most importantly, that which is donated to us during the processions – can be passed to the charity.

Where does the money go?

Donations are given out to local individuals, organisations and good causes in the form of grants or the purchase of specific items.

In the last year, the charity has given away more money than ever before. We have, for example:
• Provided individuals with much needed household items, like white goods and carpets.
• Given £5000 to Fair Frome, allowing them to buy a van for their new furniture bank.
• Supported one of the Frome Primary Schools.
• Provided funding to Frome Refresh who donate toiletries and sanitary protection to vulnerable teenagers.