Schools & Nursery Entry Form

"Frome's Carnival, Frome's charity - How can you help?"

Frome Carnival Afternoon Children’s Parade Schools and Nursery Entry Form.

“Frome Carnival is a wonderful community event and we would love your school or nursery to be involved. It’s easy… here you will find all the information you need on how your school/ nursery can be involved.”

How can my school/ nursery get involved?
Just by completing and entries form below, or by calling the procession secretary on 07914 838464.
What is the cut-off date for entries?
If you want your school to be included in the Carnival programme, you must confirm your entry at least three weeks ahead of the event. However, we accept on the day entries if you make a last-minute decision to be part of it!
How much does it cost?
Entering costs nothing. How much you spend on your entry is entirely up to you!
How many children need to enter?
You can have as many (or as few) children as you like in the Schools and Nursery Class.
What age group is the schools class?
The children entering the schools class must be aged under 16. However, if you wish to enter an older age group of children, please contact us and we can advise on other classes.
Can we enter multiple groups from the same school/ nursery?
Yes, you can enter as many separate groups as you like.
Can we hand out balloons and flyers?
Yes you can but, you will need to let us know in advance for approval by the chairperson.
Can we collect money for our own charity?
Unfortunately you can’t.
What is the date of the carnival?
The date of the carnival can be found on the Home Page. 
What time does the carnival start?
You need to be in Victoria Park For 1:30pm The Carnival Moves Off At 2.30pm But Judging for each Class (Judging Category) will start at 2.00pm.
Where does the carnival start?
The carnival starts at on Weymouth road at the entrance of Frome Victoria park.
How long does the Carnival take?
The afternoon Carnival takes approximately one hour at a slow walking pace but this does vary depending on number of entrants and type of performers!
The evening Carnival is a longer route and takes approximately two hours and does involve walking a couple of hills.
What is the Carnival route?
The afternoon procession starts from Victoria Park and you can find details of the route by clicking on this link . The evening procession starts from Marston Trading Estate click here for more details.
Do we need a float?
Absolutely not. Most schools do walking entries. However, if you want to design something that the children can push or ride, we’d be thrilled with that too!
What about costumes?
Costumes are a part of the Schools Class and a requirement for judging. However, they can be as simple or as elaborate as you like. It’s all about taking part and building on the theme. So you could have everyone in matching costumes, or in one colour, or everyone wearing different outfits – whatever works for you.
What if we want to do something different?
You might consider entering a different class – and some of them don’t require costumes. For instance, you might choose to have everyone carry handmade lanterns, or you might have them sing or play instruments. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve got budding gymnasts, dancers or circus performers in your school and you want to show off those talents? Whatever your school wants to do: there’s a class to suit you.
This year the theme is ‘The Greatest Show’.
What do you mean by ‘class’ and which one should we enter?
A class is a judging category – and there are different prizes for each Class. We’d encourage you to enter the Schools and Nurseries Class, which is specifically for local schools.
Is there additional educational Support?
Yes, the Carnivals In Somerset Promotion Project (CISPP) can attend your school with their promotional van and talk to the children about the history of carnival free of charge.
What about safeguarding?
Frome Carnival Committee recognises the needs and welfare of children is paramount. All of our Committee have up-to-date DBS checks and we work closely with Police and other local organisations to promote safeguarding in all our events.
However, we do ask that ALL children entering the Carnival are accompanied by an adult in a position of authority (parent, carer, group leader or teacher).
Follow link to see Frome Carnival’s safegaurding policy.

Schools & Nurserys Entry Form